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This website is provided by the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network and supports the use of the entrepreneurial mindset in Higher Education by  students, educators, professional services staff and Higher Education leaders.

The members of the Network who have a special interest in Entrepreneurial Mindset Education represent 284 Higher Education Institutions in 82 countries.

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset Network has created an easy to understand, common sense and practical definition of the entrepreneurial mindset, made up of 7 essential entrepreneurial behaviours.

As an aid to memory and learning, one essential entrepreneurial behaviour is allocated to each of the letters in the word MINDSET. The 7 entrepreneurial behaviours are: [M]eet real needs, [I]nnovate, [N]ever act unethically, [D]are to take risks, [S]ell, [E]xercise for productivity and [T]ake the initiative.

An introduction to this definition of the entrepreneurial mindset is currently available for download in the following 16 languages:

[عربي] [中国人] [Deutschen] [ελληνικά] [English] [Español] [français] [italiano] [Nederlands] [Português] [ਪੰਜਾਬੀ] [română] [Русский] [Српски] [shqip] [Türkçe]

The entrepreneurial mindset is relevant to students, lecturers and researchers from every academic discipline, to professional services staff (e.g. learning support, student welfare, estates, HE, knowledge transfer).

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Stories are a source of inspiration that can inform practice. The Entrepreneurial Mindset Network regularly publishes an online eZINE with stories from educators all around the world. The purpose is to showcase a diverse group of people, who are using the entrepreneurial mindset in Higher Education. These stories can help you to reflect on your own practice and decide how you can make use of the key lessons that are authors have shared. 

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A great way to develop your own mindset is in discussion with other members of the Network. You will benefit from hearing other perspectives from numerous other countries, you will be encouraged to find the common challenges and be inspired to co-create new approaches and solutions. 

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We support you to reflect on and develop the 7 entrepreneurial behaviours that make up your entrepreneurial mindset. We provide a range of online training that accelerates the development of the mindset for students of any academic discipline, for PhD students, for educators, and leaders of academic units and professional services.

E-STAR is an international accreditation that rewards Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) for their commitment to using the Entrepreneurial mindset. Management & Science University, located inShah Alam the state capital of Selangor in Malaysia, has become the first Higher Education Institution in the world to be awarded E-STAR Accreditation.

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